The Emotional Dance of Doing What's Right

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2021

I'd been in my emotions for almost an entire day when I saw an Instagram post that said "It's okay to feel sad when you've done the right thing." At that moment, I started to cry.


The "Right Thing" Isn't Always Easy

Doing the right thing isn't always easy, and this much is common knowledge. There's a David Cottrell quote that goes:

"Doing the right thing isn't always easy and what is easy isn't always right."

We all can agree and accept this as reality, and yet when we do something right, that wasn't easy, we are often surprised when we still feel sad about it.


The Expectation of Our Emotions 

When we do something right, that ends up being hard, our expectation is that the feelings that follow are:






And even that we will be validated in our righteousness for having done the right thing.


These emotions are often warranted in times where the hard decision was to leave a dead end job to step into a passion...

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Uncertainty & What's Right

growth truth uncertainty Dec 20, 2020

If you’re feeling charged about the vaccine, read this.

If you’re feeling charged about terms and conditions changing, read this.

If you need to take a step back and be reminded that it’s all okay.. you guessed it, read this.


No one has any idea what the fuck is right.

Let’s be real, even if we are fully certain about something, there’s always a whisper of uncertainty.


At one point, we may have been certain we wanted to be a firefighter.

As a child, you may have had 1000% certainty of that being your truth. And it was!


Now you may say, well, I was a kid, all I cared about was wearing my favorite jammies all day and eating candy, and yeah you’re probably right.


But what about that partner that you thought was your soul mate?

What about that job that you were certain you would make you feel important and valuable, or that number in your bank account that you were certain would solve all your problems?

You were...

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How Unconscious Patterns are Shaped in Child and Teen Years

My main mission lately has been that of self-discovery. I've been asking my inner child to bring anything and everything that may be affecting me unconsciously to the surface.

She's done a beautiful job of showing me all kinds of memories I've suppressed and forgotten. 

One particular memory has stood out...


Shaping our Reality in Childhood

Before I tell this story, I think it's important to start with a bit of a reminder. 

When we are children, we are discovering the world.

We learn "right" from "wrong", we are taught what is "normal" and "acceptable" based off of our family's religion and culture, and our belief systems are shaped.


As we grow older, we may start to break free and create other beliefs too, but until we are in our late teens, or early twenties, our realities and belief systems are still very malleable. 

As young teenagers, we are trusting, believe what we are told, and can be highly influenced by our peers.

During this same period,...

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How Women Are Pinned Against Each Other (and How to Break Free From This Belief!)

Although I recognize times where old patterning has it's teeth still sunken into my skin, there was a topic that has come up a lot lately that I felt needed some light shed on it...


Women as Being Enemies

Lately, with my group coaching community, we've been discussing a lot about how society points women against each other.

It's those sneaky thoughts of...

"It's not acceptable to be friends with your boyfriend/husband/fiancee's ex"

"Two powerful women in a company must be enemies"

 Or even... "She's your competition so you must hate each other, right?"


It's engrained in our society so deeply that when the opposite is true, everyone is confused. 

A dear friend recently shared a story about meeting her partner's ex, where their hug and hello brought on very surprised looks from those around.

Unfortunately, this is normal. Women are pinned against each other, and lead to believe that other women do not have their highest good in mind.


Beliefs Learned in...

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Buying, Prepping & Using Your Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs are beautiful crystal eggs that have a variety of incredible benefits for the women that use them. 

To read about what a yoni egg is, what crystals they are made of, and a bit about the benefits, read this post!


Buying a Certified Crystal Yoni Egg

The first step to starting your yoni egg practice is to make the decision to honor yourself in this way. Once that decision has been made, then it's time for you to buy your crystal.

I always purchase my yoni eggs, crystal wands and other goodies from Yoni Pleasure Palace. They have certified crystals and everything on their store is delicious.

When you start to explore the world of yoni eggs, you'll notice a variety of different sizes, a few different crystals and the option for a drilled and non-drilled variety.

Whatever type of crystal speaks to you is the best option. If you are needing further clarity on the different crystal properties, check out this other post for more information! 


What Size...

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The Hype About Yoni Eggs

You may have heard of yoni eggs (or jade eggs!) a lot since they blew up a few years ago.

There is a ton of misinformation going around about these magical stones and I think it's important to say this...

Use whatever works for you. Every body is different, each and every one of us has a different set of beliefs and histories and what we do is our own choice. 

That being said, I have read tons of books, listened to hours of podcasts, and studied course after course on women's sexual health.

I've also gone through my own personal journey of moving past multiple sexual assaults and moved to a place of pure love and admiration for my own body.  

A great deal of my healing has come from physical practices, through conscious self-massage, dance, and using crystal wands and yoni eggs. 

I only speak to my own journey and what I have learned and experienced along the way. If what I share resonates with you, then beautiful. We will always receive whatever we need, when we...

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Seeing Your Shadow

How do you see darkness in others?

Think about it for a second... How does darkness, whatever your definition of that is, show up in other people?


Darkness In Others

For me, I can most prominently see darkness as expressions of ego.

It will be moments where someone will make a comment that feels like it comes from an ugly place, such as a joke that comes with a hint of passive aggression.

It's an intuitive knowing we have, to see when someone is hiding their true feelings. 

Additionally, I find I can see someone's darkness the most when they feel inauthentic, like they don't even believe what they say.



This darkness is an expression of shadow. Whether consciously or unconsciously, that behaviour or way of expressing is coming from a place that has been neglected and removed.


Identity and Shadow

Every single person has an identity that they have created for themselves. 

As part of the human experience, we learn what is considered...

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Releasing Trauma Through Movement

Movement has the power to pull us out of our heads and drop us back into our bodies. When we come back in to our bodies, we can feel and process emotions, trauma and move through energy that has gotten stuck.

The process doesn't need to be hard or difficult, sometimes it just takes a step back from what is bright in your awareness.

After repeated trauma, I made a decision to start being active and it may have been what saved my life. 


My Battle With Depression

I used to be deep in my cave of sadness, riddled with fear and crippled by anxiety. Trauma from childhood and my teenage years created this overall feeling of numbness that I felt as a young adult. 

I was so stuck in my head, completely numb to my body, and I was struggling. 

I would suffer from panic attacks, I was on the verge of suicide and most of the days I would get up, just to go back to bed.


Strong Enough No One Could Hurt Me

I was stubborn (let's be real, I still am), and after...

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The Wounded Masculine

If you would have asked me a year ago if I was more in my masculine energy or my feminine energy, I would have, without question, said masculine. 

I always fit in with the boys, I was always a top sales person, I could do anything I put my mind to, and I was independent as hell. 

The more I started to explore and understand healthy, embodied divine masculine and feminine energy, I realized I was showing up in my masculine, but it was severely wounded.


The Embodied Divine Masculine

I think it's easier to understand the difference in wounded and divine, healthy masculine energy by starting with the latter. 

When we embody the divine masculine, we are deeply in the present moment. 

We are confident, secure, and strong. 

We are able to handle each moment as though it is our last, but without fear of that truth.

On the other hand, the wounded masculine needs to prove themselvesdoesn't accept criticism, and fears the time where they may be seen...

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A Month Of Anger

This month, my group coaching community and I have been diving into emotions and it has already been a hell of a ride.

I've been able to hold space for others as emotions have come up for them, but I've also had so many opportunities to be a gentle observer of my own emotions.

Throughout this journey, I've gotten clarity on a few things:


Your Emotional History is Pre-set

I think it's important to understand that your relationship with emotions now was determined by your parents and upbringing. 

If you have done a ton of work, processed your trauma, broken through the patterns of your family's history and have moved past this, you can skip reading this, but I'm not sure everyone has...

In most cases, we are operating from a place of unconscious behaviour and patterning, and may not "know any better".


Growing Up

As we grow up, we are exposed to emotions in ourselves and others. We experience all of the emotions, as part of the human experience as children, but then...

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