Uncertainty & What's Right

Dec 20, 2020

If you’re feeling charged about the vaccine, read this.

If you’re feeling charged about terms and conditions changing, read this.

If you need to take a step back and be reminded that it’s all okay.. you guessed it, read this.


No one has any idea what the fuck is right.

Let’s be real, even if we are fully certain about something, there’s always a whisper of uncertainty.


At one point, we may have been certain we wanted to be a firefighter.

As a child, you may have had 1000% certainty of that being your truth. And it was!


Now you may say, well, I was a kid, all I cared about was wearing my favorite jammies all day and eating candy, and yeah you’re probably right.


But what about that partner that you thought was your soul mate?

What about that job that you were certain you would make you feel important and valuable, or that number in your bank account that you were certain would solve all your problems?

You were certain about that outcome, with the information you had.


And yet, something changed. Maybe you achieved that goal, got the girl, or ended up at the top of the food chain and then realized damn, this wasn't it.

Along the way, your viewpoint shifted, you came to a new level of awareness, you had an experience that altered your mindset, and then suddenly your certainty was shifted.

Whatever it was, you had perceived certainty about it at one point, and then you didn't. Your false sense of certainty was washed away.


You may be reading this with complete disbelief. Saying “Nope. I always knew, I’ve been certain about X or Y or Z and I will never change”. Well, there may be a part of you that needs to be stuck to that ideal.


Admitting that your partner isn’t right for you, even though you know it in your heart, could mean tearing apart your life as you know it.

Letting yourself really feel the sadness, or fear, or spirit crushing heartache that comes on the other side of that acceptance of uncertainty can be a lot to handle.

It may feel easier to strong arm your “certainty” than to come to your truth.


But here is some truth that might bring ease to your potentially troubled mind..

No one has it all figured out.

No one knows what is really right, or wrong, or what you should or shouldn’t do.

We’re all just figuring it out.

And each day, each moment, we figure it out a little differently.


The only “wrong” thing to do is to let yourself suffer in whatever path, belief or story you choose.

The greatest pain one can experience is that of suffering.

We create suffering by not wanting something to be how it is.


So in the soup of uncertainty, where it might feel like you’re drowning and none of the paths ahead feel right, here’s some things you can do:


Get Informed

Read, like really read, multiple articles, studies, pages deep to find the truest information.

A good friend of mine said that he always reads the articles, and then the sources, and then goes a little deeper before he makes a judgment.

Your friends, influencers, the media and all kinds of other sources are clouded by their own projections, fears and opinions. Even this post is layered in my own opinion. Get informed.


Take Action in Whatever Direction You Believe In

Fear, uncertainty, resistance, and literally every other negative emotion can be fought with action.

You may think “well I don’t know what the right thing to do is”, and the good news is, that’s okay.


You can take 2 steps in the a direction and go “oh shit this is not where I wanted to be” and then turn the hell around. Be honest where it is needed, and do what’s right for you, with action, always.

There is no hole that you can dig yourself into so deeply that you can’t get out of with truth and honest reflection. And that brings me to the last thing you can do..


Speak Up & In Truth

Share what you believe in, speak out to your friends and family members, and be honest with the truth as you know it.

Your truth is always changing, but it’s always available. And we need it. Your community needs it. Everyone around you needs more truth in this moment, including you.

Be truthful to yourself first and foremost, and then allow truth with others to follow like a flowing River.


You’re never going to get it right the first time, and it never even has to be “right” but you can always do your best.

I don’t mean “do your best” as in the spiritual bypass of it.


Let’s be honest, you can use “well I’m doing my best” as a hell of a bypass for really doing the work.

You can start a new venture and then give up 2.5 days in and say “I did my best” or you can truly show up in integrity, sharing your feelings, acting how you know to be right and then realize you did something hurtful. At that point, you can apologize, be honest and remind yourself that you really did your best, if that was all done in full integrity and without the intention of harm.

The second of those scenarios is really what I mean.


It’s better to have whole ass committed to going in one direction and realized you need to go the other way than it is to sit, half assed on the fence between the two. It’s scary, and even though it may seem like it, no one else has it figured out.


To close this all off, I will leave you with this...

No matter what happens, we will always end up where we need to. What’s meant for us, will not pass by us, and we will always end up with exactly what we were meant to.


The forces of this world want you to be scared, because that’s where inactivity comes in. That’s where you decide to silence yourself and stay perched on the fence between two seemingly terrifying sides.

Rather than staying in the fear, listen to your heart, and do what’s right for you. Your heart always knows.

You are loved, you are seen, you are supported and you are divine.


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