Buying, Prepping & Using Your Yoni Egg

Sep 16, 2020

Yoni eggs are beautiful crystal eggs that have a variety of incredible benefits for the women that use them. 

To read about what a yoni egg is, what crystals they are made of, and a bit about the benefits, read this post!


Buying a Certified Crystal Yoni Egg

The first step to starting your yoni egg practice is to make the decision to honor yourself in this way. Once that decision has been made, then it's time for you to buy your crystal.

I always purchase my yoni eggs, crystal wands and other goodies from Yoni Pleasure Palace. They have certified crystals and everything on their store is delicious.

When you start to explore the world of yoni eggs, you'll notice a variety of different sizes, a few different crystals and the option for a drilled and non-drilled variety.

Whatever type of crystal speaks to you is the best option. If you are needing further clarity on the different crystal properties, check out this other post for more information! 


What Size Yoni Egg to Get

Yoni eggs come in 4 sizes, mini, small, medium and large. Before you decide which one to get, it is important to know that having a bigger egg at first is better. 

If you have given birth vaginally or have a weaker pelvic floor, starting with a large egg is recommended. For most women that have not given birth vaginally, a medium egg will work. 

Small and mini eggs are to work up to, or for those that have already been working to strengthen their pelvic floor.

You want to be able to feel the egg inside, which is why opting in for a larger size is better. You can always move down as you strengthen and improve the connection.


Drilled or Non-Drilled Yoni Egg

In addition to having a variety of sizes and different crystal materials, you will notice that there is an option for a drilled or un-drilled egg. 

The drilled hole at the end of the yoni egg is so that you can string the egg, for easy removal and for resistance.


Yoni Egg Removal

Let me be clear - you cannot lose a yoni egg inside your body. It can move around inside your vaginal canal, and may be higher or lower in your body, depending on the position of your cervix, but it can never escape. 

There is no risk for the yoni egg running awol up into your body and causing damage.

Having a string can assist with removal if your vaginal muscles are not yet strong enough to "birth" out the egg.

If you are using an un-drilled egg, you can simply push the egg out of your body, or gently insert a finger to help coax it out. 


Yoni Egg Resistance

One of the benefits of using a drilled egg is that you are able to pull on the string and heighten in the use of your pelvic floor muscles. 

Additionally, you can use the string to move the egg from side to side, or up and down. Both of these can can provide an alternative sensation, which can be pleasurable.


Cleansing & Prepping Your Yoni Egg

Once you have found the perfect yoni egg, it is time to get started. Prior to inserting the egg into your body, it's essential that you physically and energetically clean your crystal.

When you first get the crystal, soak it in hot, but not boiling, water for about 10 minutes. You can also add apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil or a light, scent-free soap. 

*Make sure it is cooled prior to inserting the egg into your body.*


It is important to also energetically cleanse the yoni egg.

This can be done by leaving the crystal out in the sunlight for a short period of time, leaving it out in the moonlight, holding it in running salt water, or cleansing with sage or palo santo.

The intention is to remove any negative energies and clear the crystal for your highest healing potential.

These cleansing practices are also applicable to other crystal or glass toys.


When Not to Practice with Your Yoni Egg

Before we get into the practices, it is important to recognize when you should NOT use your yoni egg.

If you have recently given birth, consult your doctor prior to starting a yoni egg practice.

Yoni eggs are not to be used if you are currently working through a UTI or STI. Give your body the time to flush and heal itself.

Lastly, avoid using your yoni egg during your menstruation. This is your body's time to cleanse and shed, and having a yoni egg in can block this natural process.

As long as you are not contraindicated, it's time to get started!


Getting Started with Your Yoni Egg

Prior to inserting your egg, it is key that you set up a sacred space. Having candles, incense, essential oils, soft pillows, warm blankets and even sexy music can help. 

Create a space to cultivate safety, expansion and connection.

Once you've created your space, set an intention for your practice. 


It is important to get a full body yes from your head, heart and yoni prior to inserting your egg, so ensure you are properly aroused and open.

A bath, bliss breathing, sensual dancing, sensual eating and a full body or breast massage can all help with arousal and get your body turned on.

When your body feels open and ready for the egg, and you've gotten a "yes!" from your whole body, circle the egg along your vaginal opening.

Try breathing into the egg and allow yourself to "sip" up the egg with your muscles. If you are just getting started, this can be a little harder to do, but it's something to work up to! 

Gently use your fingers to insert the egg and begin.


Yoni Egg Practices

Something as simple as mindfully connecting to the egg in meditation can be a beneficial practice.

Yoni eggs can also be worn for walks, while you are doing housework, in the bath, or while doing light activity.

Exercises that work the hips and pelvic floor are perfect to try when you have your yoni egg in.

You can also use your breath for releasing and squeezing the egg. Try inhaling and squeezing, and also try exhaling and squeezing. It is important to do an equal amount of flexing and squeezing.

With the yoni egg in, you will notice there are three main places you can squeeze in your vagina. Try to move the egg up and down by squeezing these three parts.

A yoni egg can also be used with a partner, either inserted prior to penetration or as a connective practice together.

When I first got started, to connect with my egg, I simply kept it in while I slept for the first few nights. Then, I gradually worked up to different breathing, tensing and flexing movements.


Fall in Love with Your Yoni

These practices help to strengthen, tone and connect you with your yoni, but it is much more than that.

By intentionally connecting to and honoring your sacred space, you are opening up a portal for healing.

Sometimes your practice may bring up emotions, and it is essential that you sit with them. 

Throughout your healing journey, as your body opens up and you connect with yourself deeper, it is important to love every step of your journey.

Let your intention to be that of love, expansion, and connection and watch how your yoni opens up for your growth.


If you are ready to get started but are looking for detailed exercises, connective practices guidance or support, book a sacred sexuality intensive with me today.


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