The Hype About Yoni Eggs

Sep 16, 2020

You may have heard of yoni eggs (or jade eggs!) a lot since they blew up a few years ago.

There is a ton of misinformation going around about these magical stones and I think it's important to say this...

Use whatever works for you. Every body is different, each and every one of us has a different set of beliefs and histories and what we do is our own choice. 

That being said, I have read tons of books, listened to hours of podcasts, and studied course after course on women's sexual health.

I've also gone through my own personal journey of moving past multiple sexual assaults and moved to a place of pure love and admiration for my own body.  

A great deal of my healing has come from physical practices, through conscious self-massage, dance, and using crystal wands and yoni eggs. 

I only speak to my own journey and what I have learned and experienced along the way. If what I share resonates with you, then beautiful. We will always receive whatever we need, when we are ready for it.


What is a Yoni Egg?

Before we get into what a yoni egg is, it's helpful to understand what I'm referring to when I say yoni. Yoni (pronounced yo-knee), is a Sanskrit term meaning sacred space, referring to a woman's vulva and vagina. 

The yoni is a woman's sexual centre and the birth place of sexual energy, creative energy and life force energy.

A yoni egg is an egg shaped crystal that is inserted into a woman's vagina for many different reasons.


What Type of Crystal is Best for a Yoni Egg?

There are many types of popular crystals that are formed into body-safe yoni eggs.

The most common include:


-rose quartz

-clear quartz


-red carnelian

-black obsidian 

These crystals are the best as they are hard and non-porous, therefore being the most body-safe crystal option.


It is important to inspect your crystal prior to inserting it inside yourself, incase there are any cracks or imperfections that could hold bacteria. Always make sure you are purchasing certified crystals that are from a high quality crystal shop.

On the other hand, there are crystals that are not meant to be used internally. Some examples of these include:



-white or blue howlite

-tiger's eye





Yoni Egg History

Some sources say yoni eggs have been around for as many as 5000 years, and some only date back to 2000 years ago.

It's hard to say exactly when these practices were first introduced, but it was said that they were a secret healing practice.

They have been increasing in popularity since 2015, and I discovered the practices in 2018. 

Yoni eggs were originally a Taoist practice for healing.

The Taoist believed it was best to start with a jade egg, to open up your body and sexual energy, then to use an obsidian egg to connect with your shadow. Once you have practiced for a while, you are to use a rose quartz egg to open your heart.


What Does a Yoni Egg Do?

A yoni egg has both passive and active healing properties. There is a bit of "woo-woo" involved, but it's not all "woo-woo". 

The weight of the crystal inside your vagina works the pelvic floor muscles. Your body works to keep the egg inside and is constantly flexing the muscles to do so. 

As your pelvic floor muscles are working with the egg in, women can experience some benefits of the yoni egg, without an active practice.

That being said, the benefits are much greater when you actually include movement, breath and even sound.

When you have the yoni egg inside and meditate, practice yoga or walk, the benefits are heightened. Additionally, if you use a string and actually practice resistance training, the benefits are heightened further.


Yoni Egg Benefits

Having a consistent yoni egg practice can help to:

-increase personal lubrication

-increase vaginal sensitivity

-increase libido

-increase self-love

-strengthen pelvic floor

-reverse incontinence

-deepen your connection to your body

-heal sexual trauma

-move stuck energy in the root chakra


Women's sexual energy moves from our yoni, up to our breasts, up to our shoulders and circles like a water fountain. When we have unprocessed trauma, stuck or blocked energy, or neglected emotions, we tend to hold them in our yoni's. 

A yoni egg gently massages the inside walls of your vagina, thus helping to release stuck energy. Think of it like a massage therapist working out knots in your back. 

The egg naturally presses against spots of tension, but incorporating kegels, breathing exercises and resistance can help to strengthen the pelvic floor even more, thus improving results. 


In addition to the physical aspect of the practice, there is also a spiritual and emotional aspect.

By committing to a yoni egg routine, you are choosing your pleasure. As you explore your body through pleasure, you are allowing your divine feminine to come alive. 

Your yoni egg practice can help deepen your connection to your body and your intuition, thus increasing confidence, self-esteem and self-love. 

Additionally, there are benefits from the particular crystal that you decide to practice with.


Crystal Properties of Your Yoni Egg 

Every crystal has its own healing properties. Whatever crystal you are drawn to is the crystal you should practice with. 

Beyond the physical benefits of the yoni egg, the different types of crystals can add an energetic charge. 


Rose quartz is known for it's heart opening properties and promoting self-love.

Amethyst is known for it's calming properties and being able to dispel negativity. Amethyst is also known for it's ability to activate intuition.

Jade is known for inspiring emotional release and is a powerful tool for inspiring luck and abundance.

Obsidian is a deeply protective stone and is known to help protect from negative energies.


Whatever crystal you are drawn to is the right crystal for your practice. I felt called to rose quartz and have had incredible benefits from using my egg.


Your Practice

Ultimately the choice to use a yoni egg is yours to make. I have found incredible healing from my yoni egg practice, and from using other crystal tools, but it's not for everyone. 

If you are reading this with resistance, I would encourage you to dive into that resistance inside yourself first, before you discredit the practice.

Often, we put up blocks as a form of self-sabotage. Your healing may seem scary, and going through the healing process may feel harder than looking away from it, but it will always be there.  


If you are called to explore further, check out this post on yoni egg practices, how to choose your egg and how to get started. 

If you are ready to get your own certified crystal yoni egg or crystal wand, you can buy them here.


Lastly, if you are interested in diving into your own sacred sexuality, book a sacred sexuality intensive with me. These 90 minute sessions are MEGA-powerful for jumpstarting your sexual healing and assisting you on your journey.

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