Seeing Your Shadow

How do you see darkness in others?

Think about it for a second... How does darkness, whatever your definition of that is, show up in other people?


Darkness In Others

For me, I can most prominently see darkness as expressions of ego.

It will be moments where someone will make a comment that feels like it comes from an ugly place, such as a joke that comes with a hint of passive aggression.

It's an intuitive knowing we have, to see when someone is hiding their true feelings. 

Additionally, I find I can see someone's darkness the most when they feel inauthentic, like they don't even believe what they say.



This darkness is an expression of shadow. Whether consciously or unconsciously, that behaviour or way of expressing is coming from a place that has been neglected and removed.


Identity and Shadow

Every single person has an identity that they have created for themselves. 

As part of the human experience, we learn what is considered...

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