Buying, Prepping & Using Your Yoni Egg

Yoni eggs are beautiful crystal eggs that have a variety of incredible benefits for the women that use them. 

To read about what a yoni egg is, what crystals they are made of, and a bit about the benefits, read this post!


Buying a Certified Crystal Yoni Egg

The first step to starting your yoni egg practice is to make the decision to honor yourself in this way. Once that decision has been made, then it's time for you to buy your crystal.

I always purchase my yoni eggs, crystal wands and other goodies from Yoni Pleasure Palace. They have certified crystals and everything on their store is delicious.

When you start to explore the world of yoni eggs, you'll notice a variety of different sizes, a few different crystals and the option for a drilled and non-drilled variety.

Whatever type of crystal speaks to you is the best option. If you are needing further clarity on the different crystal properties, check out this other post for more information! 


What Size...

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Let's Talk Pleasure

I am a pleasure activist. What does that mean? To me, that means I care about and engage myself and others in things that are pleasurable. I speak, write and converse about what feels good. Sometimes I become a victim of my own need for instant gratification, like the feeling that comes when I decide to go back to bed in the morning and skip a workout. But when I really listen to what "feels good" I know that sleeping in and skipping the gym provides about ten percent of the feel good vibes I would get if I had absolute crushed a hard workout. The feeling of leaving the gym, knowing that I truly pushed myself and gave it my all has a much bigger payout.


In life, we are always looking to run towards pleasure or run away from pain. That part is human nature; all of our unconscious actions and trauma related beliefs work to shield us. I've found that when consistently searching for pleasure, I spend much less time having to run away from pain. I am able to use pleasure and what...

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