How Women Are Pinned Against Each Other (and How to Break Free From This Belief!)

Although I recognize times where old patterning has it's teeth still sunken into my skin, there was a topic that has come up a lot lately that I felt needed some light shed on it...


Women as Being Enemies

Lately, with my group coaching community, we've been discussing a lot about how society points women against each other.

It's those sneaky thoughts of...

"It's not acceptable to be friends with your boyfriend/husband/fiancee's ex"

"Two powerful women in a company must be enemies"

 Or even... "She's your competition so you must hate each other, right?"


It's engrained in our society so deeply that when the opposite is true, everyone is confused. 

A dear friend recently shared a story about meeting her partner's ex, where their hug and hello brought on very surprised looks from those around.

Unfortunately, this is normal. Women are pinned against each other, and lead to believe that other women do not have their highest good in mind.


Beliefs Learned in...

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The Truth Behind Thinking Positive

Thinking positive is one of the first chapters of Personal Development 101. Every book you read, speaker you listen to, and course you take will dive into some form of reminder that you need to think positively. 


Positive Mindset = Positive Life

It's true, having a positive mindset will attract more positivity into your life. That positivity can then increase your goal setting and manifestation efforts.

The problem is, there's a disconnect between the amount of information saying you need to think positively and the amount of information telling you how. 

Telling someone a hundred times that they need to think positively might cause them to be a tiny bit more conscious to the language they use. Where the real mindset shift will come is when there are actionable steps to make change. 


Mindset Shifts Take Time

Catching thought patterns, changing your mindset, and altering what you think about yourself is not an overnight fix. Since the thoughts that...

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