How Unconscious Patterns are Shaped in Child and Teen Years

My main mission lately has been that of self-discovery. I've been asking my inner child to bring anything and everything that may be affecting me unconsciously to the surface.

She's done a beautiful job of showing me all kinds of memories I've suppressed and forgotten. 

One particular memory has stood out...


Shaping our Reality in Childhood

Before I tell this story, I think it's important to start with a bit of a reminder. 

When we are children, we are discovering the world.

We learn "right" from "wrong", we are taught what is "normal" and "acceptable" based off of our family's religion and culture, and our belief systems are shaped.


As we grow older, we may start to break free and create other beliefs too, but until we are in our late teens, or early twenties, our realities and belief systems are still very malleable. 

As young teenagers, we are trusting, believe what we are told, and can be highly influenced by our peers.

During this same period,...

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How Women Are Pinned Against Each Other (and How to Break Free From This Belief!)

Although I recognize times where old patterning has it's teeth still sunken into my skin, there was a topic that has come up a lot lately that I felt needed some light shed on it...


Women as Being Enemies

Lately, with my group coaching community, we've been discussing a lot about how society points women against each other.

It's those sneaky thoughts of...

"It's not acceptable to be friends with your boyfriend/husband/fiancee's ex"

"Two powerful women in a company must be enemies"

 Or even... "She's your competition so you must hate each other, right?"


It's engrained in our society so deeply that when the opposite is true, everyone is confused. 

A dear friend recently shared a story about meeting her partner's ex, where their hug and hello brought on very surprised looks from those around.

Unfortunately, this is normal. Women are pinned against each other, and lead to believe that other women do not have their highest good in mind.


Beliefs Learned in...

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