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You can have overflowing self confidence, a deep trusting of your own voice, feel sexually and energetically fulfilled, and feel comfortable and safe in your own body.

You can break through your fears, process your trauma and open up to your shadow with ease.

What's even better, is that you can have all of the feelings you desire, without any of the need to compare yourself to others.


The problem is..

We've been taught that we need to compare ourselves to others.

We've bought into the story that we aren't worthy enough or that we aren't good enough. 

We've even bought into the idea that the incredible women achieving their dreams are our enemies, rather than our allies.


I get it, I've been there. 

I spent a very long time being a lone wolf. 

I was bullied in high school by a lot of different girls, to the point where I tried to take my own life. 

It was always the girls that were older than me that showed up as a real threat to my life. 

After I left high school, I went on a massive journey of self discovery, but I kept the conditioning that women were out to get me.

I started to learn, challenge myself and try new things, but I always did it alone or as "one of the boys".


It wasn't until I became immersed in a group of powerful women that I started to realize I had been doing it all wrong.

I spent a week with women who felt like they were much more accomplished, more aligned, and even further along in their learnings.

But rather than look at them as competition, I allowed myself to let them in and learn from them.


And something magical happened..

I realized that when we share a growth experience with others, everyone benefits. 

It is much more powerful and amplifying to learn and grow with others. 

There is accountability, strength and pure power in a tribe.


This is why I created The Sisterhood Coaching Community. 

I knew that creating a space for sisters to gather and share would create a lasting impact, not only for the women involved, but for their families, their friends, and their children.

The community is built up of incredible women, from all walks of life, in all parts of the world.

There is always someone who has gone through what you are going through, or can hold space for you to go through it.

We're a super casual, no bullshit, group of ladies here to support each other and grow together.


By joining this community, you get instant access to a ton of video trainings on our past topics and current topics, so if you are looking for education, there is an abundance.

In addition to all the training resources, you'll also get access to our exclusive live workshops.

 We gather on Zoom to connect and then we are guided through a workshop.


At this time, we are all still very apart from each other, but this community creates a space for each and every woman to be loved and supported.


You could pay hundreds to go to workshops, buy all the books, join all the networking groups, and probably figure it out on your own. 

But rather than spending all that money, and wasting all of that time searching for what you already know exists out there...


Join the Sisterhood.


You'll get instant access to our training portal, which has hours and hours of workshops, videos on sacred sexuality, yoni eggs and crystal wands, shadow work, self image, emotional responses, menstrual cycle alignment, cleansing, letting go and so much more.

You also get access to our private Facebook group AND private Whatsapp group where you are welcome to share and connect with us at any time.

Each week, we are introduced to a new challenge, that is designed to get you out of your comfort zone and begin to expand your ability to push yourself.

Each month we have live workshops and events for drop in. If you can't make one, they're recorded and available to watch later.

As an added BONUS, when you sign up today, you also get a FREE 45 minute private coaching session, to book anytime. 

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What Members Are Saying About The Sisterhood

"It can be hard for me to step out of my comfort zone, but I feel like this has allowed me to do that in a safe space and challenge myself in ways I wouldn’t have before. I’m learning so much about being a woman and about myself really. The growth I’m experiencing is beautiful and I’m so thankful I’m apart of this amazing group!"  

"I love this group. I feel safe, supported and seen. It takes me a while to come out of my shell but this kind of group is the perfect way to do so!" 

"I love the space Brooklyn created, and the wonderful group of women that have come together. The Sisterhood gives me a place to show up vulnerably, work on myself, grow and learn, all in a safe,  loving community of inspiring women. We can learn so much from one another. It feels so wonderful to know I have a group of women rooting for me, and that I can turn to when I need support. And even more, to be able to show up for other women, truly fills my heart. The space to share love, support, and divine feminine energy, I believe all women should have access to. So grateful for the growth I’ve experienced, the friendships I’ve made, and for Brooklyn! She’s is a guiding light for women, and shares her light so beautifully. Filled with gratitude, and honored to be a part of The Sisterhood."

What to expect:

By joining The Sisterhood, you are welcomed with open arms to a beautiful community. 

Share stories, share fears, share your wins and be supported in your journey.

Each month there will be a new topic designed to help expand your consciousness and challenge your beliefs. 

With The Sisterhood Membership you have access to ongoing community support, a monthly themed workshop, access to monthly ecstatic dances and other meditation and movement workshops, a private Facebook group, and an abundance of resources. 

New trainings, videos and tools added monthly and challenges added weekly.

 Meet Your Coach


Hi love! I'm Brooklyn and I am so excited you are here.

I'm a certified Women's Empowerment Coach, a reiki practitioner, speaker and writer. 


I created this community for a few reasons..

I used to HATE having friendships with women. I always felt like they would screw me over, or that they had ulterior motives and it terrified me. I acted out of fear to keep women out of my life. 

As I started to heal my connection to myself, I opened up to let other women in. Almost immediately, I was AMAZED by the power and strength it provided. Having a powerful tribe of women to lean on and grow with allowed me to feel more connected to myself in the process.

I created this community so that there was a safe space for women to connect with each other and learn to connect to themselves. 


I aim to help the women in this community raise their self-awareness and expand their consciousness in a variety of different areas. 

I'm deeply committed to the experience each woman in this community has and I'm here for you every step of the way.

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Many women have this little voice in their head that says "you need to compare ourselves to others"

It's a sneaky little voice that tells you that aren't good enough and that other women are your enemy or competition.

If you have that little voice, don't worry, it's not true. 

There is power in letting women in, trusting your sisters and having a strong, supportive tribe.

This community was created to allow us to learn that we don't need to be against each other. 

We can expand and learn together, while empowering our fellow sisters along the way.


Allow yourself to be supported by likeminded women.

We're ready whenever you are.

Join The Sisterhood to Gain Access to An Expansive Community

Women's only. Private group coaching community. 

A place to grow, expand and learn together.

New topic introduced each month! 

  • monthly live workshops and Q&As

  • curated video trainings

  • weekly challenges

  • reading and additional resources

Your membership provides you access to:

  • private membership portal with all available online resources, including all challenges and posts created prior to joining
  • a private members only Facebook group to connect with each other and build relationships
  • a free 45 minute private coaching session 
  • private Whatsapp group
  • unlimited access to ecstatic dances, yoni egg movement and meditation nights, and other workshops hosted by Brooklyn

If you're looking to be:

-challenged by new ideas

-exposed to out of the box solutions

-supported and connected to incredible women

-involved in expansive conversations that go against "the norms"

You're in the right place.

Upcoming Topics

Shadow Work | 02.21



Exploring your own internal world and shadow in order to fully understand needs and desires.

Seeing others as self and exploring the mirrors they are for us.

Boundaries | 03.21


Creating healthy boundaries that fuel your desires and needs without draining you.

Learn to communicate and express your boundaries, while simultaneously respecting the boundaries of others.

Conscious Relationships | 04.21



Closing old energetic loops with friendships and relationships that are no longer serving us.

Bringing truth, intention and unconditional love to all of our relationship containers.

Past Topics

Periods, emotions, sexuality, yoni eggs, clarity & intention, letting go, boundaries.

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