Sacred Cycle & Sexuality Session

90 minute private divine feminine intensive.

Reconnect with yourself through menstrual cycle alignment, womb healing, and sacred sexuality. 

90 Minutes | $130 USD

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Use this 90 minute intensive session to discover:

-conscious self-touch practices

-womb healing and reconnection

-menstrual cycle alignment 

-raw primal power through menstruation

-root and sacral chakra energy cleansing

-yoni egg and crystal wand practices

-tantric breathing practices


Release limiting beliefs, shame, taboo and bring your wild woman back into the light.

Rebalance your masculine and feminine energies through menstrual cycle alignment, sacred sexuality and conscious self-touch.

Increase confidence, level up your self-esteem and reconnect to who you are when you are fully in your power.

Break through limiting beliefs, feel safe in your own skin and come back home to your body.

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90 Minutes | $130 USD

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